Defining Love for Business Success

Each of us sharing our experiences and thoughts about how Love leads to business success.

Under Construction – Love Defined


We updated our Love Defined page and wanted to share the current state of our understanding with you, our readers.

By sharing your insights and reactions, you become a part of this on-going journey of discovery about the nature of Love and its role in the success of business.


What do we mean by the word Love and what does it have to do with business success?

From our hands-on experience working in the business environment, we have come to the following explanation of Love and the role it plays in the success or failure of business organizations.

In its most basic definition:

Love is a heartfelt commitment to the well-being of a person, place, or thing.

It is the power that is released when we allow ourselves to truly care about what is good and wholesome for ourselves and others.

So what does this have to do with business? In the business environment, Love takes the form of real commitment to the Well-Being of the organization and its people, and the fulfillment of their mission. The presence of Love in the work place stirs authentic interest in customer happiness, the desire to help each other grow professionally and personally, and a passion for the success of the organization.

To that end, Love in the business environment provides the passion, creativity, and courage for more effective communication and collaborative team work, and a driving desire for all things vital to business success, including corporate social responsibility.

Making Love an integral part of the way business is done is certainly much easier said than done. However, meeting the challenges inherent in bringing the power of Love into business is the very reason we have established this blog: to share the results of our hands-on experiences in the real work environment, and to provide a platform for our readers to share the knowledge they have gained from the practice of Love in their Life at work.

Together we can make a difference that truly matters.

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  1. I teach the most advanced business strategy in the world called the Delta Model designed by MIT professors. The Delta Model sees strategy not as war (Porter’s five forces) but an act of love or customer bonding with the extended enterprise.

    For more information about giving an Executive Training Program Using the Delta Model in your organization, please contact me through my email address and I will send you the complete agenda so that your organization can find new sources of profitability in a networked economy.

  2. Laura Blinn says:

    Love in a business workplace is essential for the success of the business, employees and people connected to the business entity. Striving to do this on a daily basis is one of the most difficult things I have ever strived to do. It does not come easy to me. I continue to perservere for the well being of the company I work for as a whole. I do want to make a difference that truly matters. You can also by choosing love in your daily business encounters.

    • Arlin Pauler says:

      Thank you Laura for your comment.
      This is the kind of real talk about the day to day practice of Love that this blog was created for.
      It is my hope that this blog will become a robust conversation that leads to making the practice of Love a more normal part of the way business is done.