Love Is Good Business


There is no more important thing to achieve in the success of our Lives than the transformation of our relationship with our fearful self. Out of this, essential virtues emerge and become the path upon which all other true success is achieved.

Given that Love is the one human attribute more powerful than fear, Love has the power to transform our relationship with our fearful self. In acknowledging and letting go of our fears with Love, our relationship with our fearful self slowly transforms from one of enmity to one of alliance. We begin to discover that our fears are to be engaged as assets not liabilities. All other virtues vital to our success as Human Beings emerge and become a path upon which we live a transformed and truly fulfilling Life.

There has been emerging for some time, in business philosophy, a new way of thinking about the pathway to Success. A new way of thinking that is calling us, as business leaders, to this same transformation. For a successful leader can no longer walk the path of a fearful and conflicted heart.

The courage to let go of our fear; to choose Love as the defining force in our business affairs, has now become a requirement of competitive business practice.

If we do otherwise, we will fail to meet the demands of the Human Spirit in today’s marketplace and it will become increasingly difficult to compete for the quality of Human Beings – employees, vendors and customers – required for sustainable business success.

It has always been true, but it is more so now than ever before; the practice of Love is good business.