Enhancing Creativity With Love

Enhancing Creativity

When the ideas won’t flow, apply Love.

Creativity is an essential business skill. It brings the “ah-ha” moments—the insights to successfully deal with the day-to-day issues and challenges of performing our jobs. These insights close the gap between our ideals and reality, and move what “can be” into what “is”.

The problem with creativity though is that sometimes we feel it’s not showing up when we need it to.

That’s what happened to me when I was trying to decide what our next blog topic would be.

I was stuck. I couldn’t come up with a creative idea for our next topic. Any possibilities that did appear seemed un-inspired. But by applying the Art of Love is Good Business, a creative solution formed. What follows is a description of the process Arlen and I took.

First, let’s recognize that lots of stuff can get in the way of creativity, and this stuff can bring conflicting ideas and emotions into the creative process. Rules and beliefs, habits and routines, self-doubt and self-criticism, and the fear of consequences. Take your pick.

In my situation, I created a conflict by making an unconscious and unwritten rule: Every post has to be about a different topic.

I quite effectively constructed a Writer’s Block and stifled my own creativity with internal dissidence.

What I was really inspired to do was write a Part 2 on our previous post: Expanding Our Comfort Zone. I still had plenty to say on that subject, and felt inspired about it. But here was this unspoken rule I had made up, and it was in conflict with my own inspiration.

Combined with the deadline fast approaching, my anxiety began to fuel plenty of self-doubt.

Have you been there? In that place where conflict and emotions lock up the flow of your ideas and their expression? Have you ever thought you would never find your way through it?

Well, there is a way through.

And its right here in the philosophy of The Art of Love is Good Business.

Acceptance-I had to acknowledge my feelings: Frustration and Fear. What happened then? I could accept the Writer’s Block, and turn to embrace the Block instead of ignoring it and pretending it didn’t exist. Basically, I stopped arguing with it.

Courage-As a natural result of accepting the situation, the Writer’s Block didn’t feel so scary. And then, something funny happened. I felt a glimmer of possibilities.

Trust-Since I was no longer investing a lot of angst into fearful frustration about having Writer’s Block, I could see that the Writer’s Block itself was going to lead to a solution. I trusted that a solution would develop.

Positive Regard-And suddenly the Writer’s Block wasn’t something awful. I saw that the Writer’s Block could be a Writer’s Window. In this case, this Writer’s Window gave me an opportunity to practice the Art of Love is Good Business philosophy.

And an opportunity to use my own struggle with this blog post as a real-time illustration about Enhancing our Creativity with Love.

Let us know if this post brought value to you. . .

Share your comments and stories about how Love enhanced your creativity, and brought about a better way to do business.

Together we can make a difference that truly matters.


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  1. Laura Blinn says:

    I like this. It is all about finding something “positive” in something “negative”. Or perhaps our perception that it is a “negative” is not really the case. Good stuff!

    • Fantastic comment, Laura. You go to the heart of the matter–our perceptions.
      Would you share a story where Love enhanced the perceptions of either yourself or others?
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!