You Don’t Have to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Expand It!


Feeling Exposed and Vulnerable?

Stepping out of our Comfort Zone can feel risky.


We’ve all experienced this:

We ask a co-worker or subordinate, “How are things going with that project/employee/problem or ___________________ (fill in the blank)?”

        “Fine,” he or she replies.

        But we know this is not the reality we see.

So why are we often reluctant to ask for help or discuss challenges we are facing?

Vulnerability. Exposure. Risk.

What it boils down to is: we’re not sure how to have conversations that discuss challenges, or ask for help, and still feel comfortable and safe. And, yet, it is these types of conversations in the workplace that will ultimately lead to break-through solutions that transform challenges into opportunities for success.

Love provides the courage to step into and through the Vulnerability that hinders our conversations; Love expands the comfort zone in business so we can discuss our challenges in an open, honest, and collaborative way.

We find that creating an atmosphere of Acceptance, through the utility of Love, empowers a critical skill: active listening. When we listen to our colleagues, without judgment, they are able to fully express themselves. When we don’t reject what they are saying, we can help them move through any discomfort they have about their challenges into a place of possible solutions. We free their creative problem solving skills because we have allowed them to expand their comfort zone.

And, in the process, we expand our own comfort zone, as we practice and improve our ability to inspire and facilitate the collaborative conversations that lead to greater success for our organization.

Now it’s your turn. . .

What experiences have you had with expanding the comfort zone in your business?

Share your comments and stories about how Love creates a better way to do business.

Together we can make a difference that truly matters.

Breaking Out of Our Shells

Expanding the Comfort Zone

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    Till this day I am still trying to understand the foundation of your business. You said you use “Love”. Love is the key to have harmonious relationship with your colleagues, coworkers, and others. Right?

    So what if their definition of LOVE is different from yours? How are you going to communicate with them in a way they can understand and accept what you’re saying? To me LOVE is almost like a religion, don’t you think?

    Christians love. Muslims love. Even Atheists practice love.

    So there must be the universal LOVE. Right? Okay. So I need to still write that “Fear of their Cimouters ” article and I’m just fishing out some ideas to fit into your website theme or niche.

    Talk later,

    • I’m so glad you are still thinking and working on that article.

      I think you hit it right on the head when you said “Universal Love”. This is the power that can take our fears, accept them, and support the process of fearful thoughts and feelings turning to flow with our life’s course; rather than trying to resist the course we have chosen for ourselves. Did that make sense?

      • Angela,
        As Arlen and I spoke about how happy we are that you continue work on the article, he suggested that I send you a copy of his poem: The Stuff of Victory. Its a celebration of people who work to grow and in that growth become victorious.


        When I watch a football game,
        I can’t help but root for the underdog.
        I often wait until the game is well under way
        to see who’s going to have to come from behind to win,
        before I start rooting for someone.

        Anyone can win if they’re better from the get start . . . .
        If they’ve already got it all together.

        But those who take on something bigger than themselves
        and in coming from behind, rise up,
        to overcome their deficiencies and win . . . .

        Those are the ones who play life’s most thrilling game.
        For they reach beyond the well trained Self
        into the undefined and confused Self,
        to create from what isn’t,
        the stuff of victory.

        As they do, their spirit dances the dance of rebirth
        into the newness of life . . . .
        They experience a truer meaning and significance
        of their potential as a human being.
        And in doing so
        become more of the person they most need to be;
        This is the testiment of victorious Human Spirit; The Stuff of Victory.
        A. K. Pauler © 1994 – 2009

        Also, to clarify what I wrote in the previous comment, our theme is the use of Love to engage our fears and leverage them into the Stuff of Victory.
        So, when people are afraid of their computers, do you think if they honored that fear (by not rejecting it), they could move forward to the place where they can learn how to use the computer in ways they want to, or need to?


  2. Exactly! The problem of the peploe here nowadays is ‘sticking with “comfort zone”‘! Actually, it is not only the problem of the children (including teenagers), but also of nearly everybody. Otherwise, WHY do the peploe spend (waste? :-P) so much time, money and effort for all sorts of certs, dips and qualifications? And WHY shall employers ONLY want (or only choose) applicants with ‘RELEVANT qualifications’??? THAT is a MAJOR PROBLEM of this society!!!

    • Javier,
      What an interesting observation you’ve brought to the conversation.
      How do you think expanding your comfort zone could help in this situation?
      I’m looking forward to your follow-up.