About Us

The founder and publisher of the Love Is Good Business blog site is Arlin K. Pauler. The underlying philosophy he brings to the focus and purpose of the blog is the result of over 40 years of applied research as a business owner and business development consultant. In addition to his hands on experience, Arlin supplemented his research with formal education and training through workshops, internships, college course work and self-directed studies in Human Potential Psychology, Business Development Theory, Applied Creativity and Interpersonal Communication.
Throughout his career he has studied the role Human Beings play in the growth and success of business; not just in terms of the classic model of success, but in terms of the ‘Human Dimension’ of success’. Over the years his work has revealed an intrinsically interdependent relationship between Human Well-Being and the Well-Being of business organizations; that contrary to the conventional view, the two can not be separated. If one is neglected eventually the other one will suffer also. Eventually his philosophy distilled to one simple conclusion about how to optimize the role Human Beings play in business success: “The practice of Love is good business”. The application of this principle is “Do What Your Love would do” and is the best possible way to work through the illusion of conflict between what is best for business and what is best for people.
Arlin has always seen himself, even at a very young age, as a social change agent. It is through the efforts of his research that he has answered this calling and worked to tip the balance of social norms in the direction of a world with less of what he refers to as unnecessary Human suffering; to make the world a more just, fair and equitable place for his fellow Human Beings.
To that end he has established this blog site to publish his work and create a space for others to explore solutions to the challenges of, and to celebrate the victories of, the practice of Love Is Good Business in their life at work. Whether readers and writers of this blog are business owners, executives, mangers or employees, it is Arlin’s aspiration to give supportive voice to the quest of those seeking to learn how to “Do What Their Love Would Do” in their Life at work.
Michelle DeLaBarre is the editor and a contributing writer to the Love Is Good Business Blog. She  brings a unique perspective to this blog. As an accounting professional she has observed first-hand the effects of a pervasive focus on the bottom line, and how that affects the management of people and thus the success of organizations. For decades she has yearned for a better way of managing people that takes into account the humanity of the work force.
She found that way in the Love is Good Business philosophy: that only Love powers the creation of innovative ideas and actions that lead to improvement in all areas of business.
She manages the writing and editing of the Love is Good Business Blog, sharing skills honed through her authorship of hundreds of articles for such publications as the This Week section of The Houston Chronicle, Equine Images magazine, and E-How. She looks forward to encouraging the exploration and sharing of real-life, real-time expressions of Love is Good Business.