Get to Know Your Signals of Authenticity (Living Authentically Newsletter)

‘The art of Love is good business’ requires that we know our true Self. Stop for a moment and check in with your Self. This article will show you how.’
Get to Know Your Signals of Authenticity (Living Authentically Newsletter)

An example of why ‘The Art of Love is Good Business’, from the ‘Charter for Compassion’.

Good work is done with heart as well as knowledge and skill, done with a depth of commitment that brings integrity and courage to the workplace. But workplace culture can make it risky to reveal our hearts. So we hide them – and sometimes lose them. By supporting teachers, medical professionals, clergy and others who want to reclaim their hearts, we bring new life to them, their work, and the people they serve.


The role of compassion in business is the new frontier.


“A new field of research has shown that an ethic of compassion rather an
environment of stress will lead to a better-functioning workplace and
lead to increased profits.”
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‘The Power of Compassion’

To them who are faithful with little, much is given. As sure as from
small acorns great oaks grow, it is through consistent small acts
that grand things are done.
Thus is the power of compassion. AKP

Every Little Bit Counts



In other words, do what your Love would do in every way possible, however small that may be. For it is through small relentless acts that big things come to pass.
In Life at work we call this ‘The Art of Love is Good Business’.

‘Art of Love is good business’ can be challenging

 Tom speaks here of a place where the ‘Art of Love is good business’ can be most challenging.
“There are few things more important than going to great lengths to be respectful and polite to those with whom you disagree vociferously”. — Tom Peters